Money Well Spent: A strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy

By Paul Brest and Hal Harvey | 2008. New York: Bloomberg Press

  Giving great amounts of money is not tantamount to giving greatly. The authors reveal that the key to successful philanthropy is not the size of the gift but rather the efficacy of the strategy. Philanthropic endeavours often fail not as a result of smart risk-taking but because of vague goals, poor strategy, and the absence of feedback.  

From local, small-scale community efforts to global undertakings such as mitigating climate change, an effective strategy can greatly improve the return on philanthropic investments.

Bringing to bear years of experience in strategic philanthropy, Brest and Harvey offer invaluable insights about crafting and implementing an approach to achieving measurable results, in addition to detailing the resources and tools available to philanthropists. Money Well Spent helps philanthropists design strategies that catalyse change to benefit the world.


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